Truck Tire Changers – Tips For Maintenance

Truck Tyre Changer

You might have changed your flat tires at least once in your lifetime. Using a manual tire changer and employing the proper technique will make it reasonably easy to change the tire of a car. But what if you own a truck that gives you a flat tire? It is impossible to do it manually. Hence, for such situations, truck tire changers are invented.

Truck tire changers are devices or machines used to mount and remount tires from heavy-duty vehicles such as vans, buses, tractors, and agricultural vehicles. They are mainly used in mechanic shops that also offer vulcanization services.

Maintenance tips

Many automobile garages and high-volume service stations are prone to severe damage to their machines as they repair thousands of vehicle parts daily. Hence, it is inevitable to promote the maintenance of these devices, which costs a lump sum.

Check out some tips on taking care of truck tire changers that bring you business.

Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance

Every day, before beginning to use the device or machine, it is essential to review all the parts and check their functionality thoroughly. You should remember to:

  • Check for the placement of nuts and bolts
  • Check for loose connections and tighten them if necessary
  • Check for moveability of parts without brakes
  • Replace the pneumatic hoses if you find any leaks
  • Check for tightness of electric cables
  • Check the guiding trails and jaws and oil them if necessary

Weekly maintenance

Despite checking the device daily, it is also essential to review certain parts weekly. It is important to clean the head arm and the spring every week, preferably oil them too. It is also mandatory to remove and replace the content in the water separator, to ensure smooth working of the device.

Monthly Maintenance

Some parts might not need daily checks, but they will need a thorough inspection once a month. You must check the oil in the oiler, ensure it’s at the right mark, and distribute it evenly across the device. You also regularly need to monitor and clean the pressure regulating values and set the arm according to the needs and guidelines mentioned in the user manual.

Oil maintenance

Oil maintenance

Regular oil checking is mandatory in almost all machinery and devices; the same applies to truck tire changers. The truck tire changers are checked in two essential spots:

  • Hydraulics transmission by using a dipstick
  • Transmission by lowering the arm to the lowest position and looking through the speculum in the tank

The slow working of truck tire changers is mainly due to neglecting oil maintenance. Oil change frequency and intensity vary from one model to the other, and it is best to check the user manual for pertinent information. If there is no information regarding the same, it is safe to change the oil once a year, which helps lubricate the internal parts.